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Losing a beloved pet can be a difficult experience, and it may feel like you have lost a member of your family when it is time to say goodbye. The Lietz-Fraze Pet Funeral Home provides services to Lake Havasu City and the nearby communities. There are several benefits to seeking assistance from a pet funeral home when dealing with your pet's loss.

A funeral home can help you navigate through the grieving process and validate your feelings of grief. In addition, there are several financial advantages to opting for a pet cremation service as it is more affordable than burying pets underground. If you wish, you can also have a private memorial service to honor your pet and choose to keep the cremains at home. This is the number one choice among families as it provides a hassle-free experience when it comes to the transportation and return of the remains.

How to Deal with Pet Loss

It's normal to mourn the loss of a beloved pet. Everyone's grieving process is different. You're not alone. It's good to reach out to others who've been there before you. Talk about your feelings to a friend, your priest, a loved one, a support group, or a co-worker. If those feelings are deep, talk to your local veterinarian about contacting a pet loss hotline, or another place to go for help. There's no timetable on how long you should take. Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself.

What to Do When You Say Goodbye

If you've recently lost a pet, you need time to cope with the grief. If they passed away during veterinary care, let your vet handle the arrangements. If it happens at home, you should take care of it and contact us.

Memorialize Your Pet

A way to honor your feline or canine friend's memory is by creating a ritual to say goodbye in a pet funeral and memorial service. Whether private or public, simple or complex, the planning part is a good way to say goodbye and to heal from the grieving process. Other special ways to memorialize your pet are creating a photo album, a spot to place the urn at home, or to bury it. Post an online memorial obituary or marking a precious spot in your garden with a stone.

Types of Pet Cremations We Offer

We offer three different types of pet cremations at Lietz-Fraze Pet Funeral Home. With a private cremation, the most expensive service, your pet will only be placed in the chamber alone. The remains aren't mixed with other animals. A semi-private cremation is when your pet is cremated with other pets in a partitioned space. It's less expensive than the individual cremation. A Communal cremation is when several pets are placed in the same chamber to be cremated together. We'll dispose of the ashes, but the cremains won't be returned to you. This service is also inexpensive. Whatever cremation you choose, you may wish to witness the process.

The Pet Cremation Process

In our crematory, we'll place your pet in the unit and raise the heat to a 1,400-1,800 degree temperature. The high heat and vaporization will reduce your pet to dust and dried bones. We'll remove all the metal objects from the dust with a magnet or by manual inspection. Then it's pulverized to a course-like sand powder. We pour the ashes into a sealed container and return the ashes to the owner. Or we can transfer the cremains into an urn to hold the ashes on the same day or the next day. It's up to you to scatter, store, or bury them. Depending on the size of your pet, the times vary per animal and average around two hours.

Memorial Merchandise & Keepsakes

If you wish to keep your pet's remains, we provide a wide selection of pet merchandise, so you can store their ashes in our memorial keepsakes. These items will create a remembrance that gives hope, evokes a memory, and offers you comfort, or to give someone as a sympathy gift.
 • Our silver sleeping cat or dog urns comes with a personified heart-shaped tag on the collar.
 • You can choose from simple regular urns to a variety of cremation urns or memory chests.
 • Place a memorial brick or worry stone to set into your garden.
 • You could also consider one of our hand-blown glass memorial keepsakes in various sizes.
 • A flower petal keepsake in assorted designs.
 • Hang a memorial ornament on your Christmas tree.
 • Wear it close to your heart in a cremation bracelet.