"Lola" AKA "Flower" Martin

The Martin family regrets to announce the passing of their beloved family member, “Lola” AKA “Flower”.  Lola crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on September 3, 2019 at 6:30am very sudden and from an unknown cause.  She was surrounded by the people she loved most in her life.  Her family is very devastated and when she passed, she took a piece of their hearts with her!  Lola was 7 years of age.

Amber Martin got her princess Lola from her mom’s litter of Boxers.  She instantly drew Amber’s attention with her bubble personality and adorableness.  It was later on in her life that her family started calling her “Flower” because to them, she was like a beautiful flower.  They loved her with all their hearts and gave her all the love in the world.  

Amber and Bruce has three children, who she loved as her own.  These were just some of their favorite moments with “Lola Flower”:


Brooklyn (age 11) ~  “I loved her kisses and when she would roll on her back and act silly.”          

Nicholas (age 9) ~    “I loved when Flower would fall asleep with me on the couch.  She was such a sweet girl and I love her.” 


Rhilen (age 7) ~        “I loved whenever she was hyper and would act like a goofball.  She was a loveable friend to me and my brother                                         and sister.”       


Lola was always a happy girl.  Her family loved when she would dance like a ballerina and spin around for her treats.  She also had the sweetest love nibbles when they would play with her or get her butt.  She would spin around real fast and attack with her delicate love nibbles….it was so cute!  Lola was a princess who was always on her own schedule when it came to meal times.  It was always when SHE wanted it and never when her family did.  Things with Lola were always done in a “princessy” way and she loved having her collar on.  It sure did make her feel pretty!  What she loved the most was her family and she chose to pass being surrounded by those she loved and cared for.

“She will forever be missed and will exist now in our hearts….until we meet again my princess!”

Services were entrusted to the care of Lietz-Fraze Funeral Home.