Tips For Making It Through The Holiday Season When You Feel Depressed

By: Lietz-Fraze Funeral Home
Thursday, December 16, 2021

Every individual experiences sadness and sorrow uniquely; they also mend at a different speed. There are no set dates or patterns while emerging from a loss. Sometimes, even months or years after the death of a loved one, people can feel a strong sense of loss in the heart. During the holiday season, you are more painfully aware of the death of a loved one.

Ways To Handle Depression During the Holiday Season

Listed below are some suggestions to help you get through this period while you are feeling sad:

  • If you feel that you are not up to socializing or sharing time with loved ones, you always have the option to say no to the event. It might be difficult for you to attend a social gathering or a holiday celebration while grieving since it can bring up unpleasant memories. However, if the thought of spending time with a group of people makes you feel excessively overwhelmed, there's no need to feel guilty about declining to attend these functions.
  • It may also be hard to get rid of sorrow over the holidays because you may not be able to cope with your pain and anguish on your own if you are experiencing them. You can resolve this type of scenario by consulting with a therapist, who can guide you through your grieving process. 
  • When trying to move away from it all, look for a travel partner with whom you can spend some time and be willing to accompany you away from your house over the holiday season. It is possible that being away from familiar settings can help you manage your depression more effectively. If attending small private parties with close relatives is something that works for you over the holidays, you should think about doing so this year.

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